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The Centre for Applied Research in Electronics was established in 1971 to focus on research and training in specialized areas in Electronics. The Centre has 11 faculty (1 jointly with Physics) working in three areas: Signal Processing, Microwaves and Microelectronics. The Centre has its own Ph.D program with 35 students presently. The Centre also has been running a vibrant M.Tech program in Radio Frequency Design and Technology, which takes about 30 students each year including candidates in the sponsored training in the areas of Microwaves / Millimetre Waves and Underwater Electronics / Signal Processing.

Faculty Recruitment : CARE is looking for outstanding applicants at the Assistant Professor level in the areas of Microelectronics, Microwaves and RF, Signal Processing, and Non-destructive Characterization. Applications can be submitted online throughout the year. Note that in Microelectronics, CARE requires faculty with special emphasis on hands-on-experience in Semiconductor devices / MEMS fabrication related activities.For further details, you can contact Prof. Ananjan Basu, Head CARE.

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