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Course Code Course Name Faculty
CRL702 Architectures & Algorithm for DSP System Arun Kumar
CRL704 Sensor Array Signal Processing Monika Aggarwal
CRL712 RF & Microwave Active Circuits S. K. Koul
CRL722 RF and Microwave Solid State Devices Sudhir Chandra
CRL724 RF and Microwave Measurement System Techniques Ananjan Basu
CRP718 RF and Microwave Measurement Laboratory Suneet Tuli
EEL765 Sonar Systems Engineering Rajendar Bahl
CRL732 Selected Topics in RFDT-II Monika Aggarwal
CRL707 Human and Machine Speech Communication Arun Kumar
CRL711 CAD of RF and Microwave Devices S. K. Koul
CRL713 Fundamentals of RF Electronics B. S. Panwar
CRL715 Radiating Systems for RF Communications Mahesh P. Abegaonkar
CRL725 Technology of RF and Microwave Solid State Devices Sudhir Chandra
CRL731 Selected Topics in RFDT-I Rajendar Bahl
CRP718 RF and Microwave Measurment Laboratory Manish Sharma
CRP723 Fabrication Techniques for RF and Microwave Devices Sudhir Chandra
CRL733 Selected Topic in RFDT -III Manish Sharma & M.P.Abegaonkar