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CRL 711 CAD of RF and Microwave Circuits

4 credits(3-0-2)

Review of basic microwave theory: Transmission Lines and waveguides-Concepts of characteristic impedance, reflection coefficient, standing and propagating waves. Modes and evanescent waves, Network analysis: S,Z, and other multi-port parameters,impedance matching and tuning. Implementation in simulators. Planar transmission lines: Quasi-static analysis,full wave analysis, and numerical techniques. Discontinuities, equivalent circuits, use of simulators. Simple printed couplers, filters, power dividers. Implementation with lumped elements at RF. Simulation of structures on HFSS, and optimization.

Practicals : Design and fabrication of band pass filter using SERENADE. Design and fabrication of wilkinson power divider using SERENADE. Design and fabrication of ring coupler using SERENADE. Design and fabrication of NRD guide band pass filter using HFSS.

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