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CRL 722 RF and Microwave Solid State Devices

3 credits(3-0-0)

Review of basic concepts in semiconductor device operation ; energy-band diagram, drift and diffusion current, generation recombination excess carriers, and p-n junction theory. Schottky barrier diode: formation of metal-semiconductor barrier, Schottky-Mott theory and modification, metalsemiconductor interface, silicides-Si interface, effect of interface states, current flow through barrier, forward and reverse bias I-V, C-V characterisics, measurement of barrier height. Schottky diode device structures and technology Ohmic contact formation. Varactor diode,equivalent circuit, C-V characteristics for linearly graded, abrupt, and hyper abrupt p-n junction, cut-off frequency. PI-N diode general onsiderations, I-V and C-V characteristics. IMPATT diode,principle of operation, small signal impedance, power conversion efficiency, diode structure and fabrication. Transferred electron devices, differential negative resistance effect, Gunn diode. GaAS MESFETs, basic device structure, theory of operation equivalent circuit and analysis. Silicon MOSFETs: brief review of MOSFET theory, Passive design and operation,high frequency structures SOI based MOSFETs. Passive components in RF technology (inductors, capacitors), MMICs.

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