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CRL725 Technology of RF and Microwave Solid state Devices

3 credits (3-0-0)

Review of semiconductor device processing technologies: process sequence development for a representative MOS technology, overview of oxidation, diffusion, mask making, pattern transfer, etching, metallization etc., process integration. Techniques of metallization: Introduction to vacuum systems. Sputtering (DC,RF and magnetron), e-beam evaporation for ohmic and Schottky. Contact formation, silicides for gate and interconnect. Fine line lithography process: optical lithography, x-ray and e-beam lithography, lift-off techniques. Wet and plasma assisted etching techniques, RIE, RIBE. Introduction to Ion Implantation, Molecular Beam Epitaxy. Chemical Vapour Deposition (epitaxial growth, polycrystalline, silicon, dielectric films, flow pressure and plasma chemical deposition). GaAs MESFET technology. Introduction to MEMES technology.

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