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CRP 718 RF and Microwave Measurment Laboratory

3 credits(0-0-6)

Experiments based on measurement and instrumentation techniques using:oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers,network analyzers, lock-in-amplifiers,waveform generators, bit-error rate and S/N measurement, antenna characterization, telemetry, data recorders and display, etc, Experiments based on various sensors used in characterization of RF materials, devices.
circuits and systems: acoustic, ultrasonic, magnetic, electrical, thermal, optical,radiation, and smart sensors, etc.

  • List of student & Subgroup

  • Lists of Experiment
    1. MW1 : Calibration of Vector Network Analyzer (3 parts)
    2. MW2 : Spectrum Analyzer Based Measurements (3 parts)
    3. MW3 : Measurement of Antenna Characteristics (3 parts)
    4. ME1 : Sub-surface Thermal Wave Imaging (single expt)
    5. ME2: Magnetometer signal calibration using torsional pendulum
    6. ME3: Phase-sensitive detection of optical signals.
    7. SP1: Multichannel data acquisition using LabVIEW
    8. SP2: To study of effect of quantization on signals and systems on MATLAB


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