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CRP723 Fabrication Techniques for RF & Microwave Devices

3 credits (1-0-4)

Concept of process flow in IC fabrication, representative process flow for diode/MOSFET. High temperature processes;oxidation, diffusion, and annealing. Use of “masks” in IC fabrication, mask design and fabrication., Photolithography processes. Chemical etching processes: dry and wet etching. Vacuum and vacuum systems. Thin films in IC processing, resistive evaporation, ebeam, RF and DC sputtering processes. Concept of test chip design and process parameter extraction. Practicals: Vacuum system, Thermal evaporation, DC/RF puttering, Mask making techniques: Coordinatograph/Photo-plotter first Reduction Camera, Step and Repeat process, Photolithography process, Etching techniques, Oxidation/diffusion processes, Diode fabrication, Band Pass filter fabrication, Measurement equipment calibration.

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