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The Centre has a PhD program both full-time and part-time, in all the three specialization areas, namely Signal Processing, Microwave and Millimeter waves and Microelectronics. For further details, explore the research interests and activities of individual faculty

M. Tech

The Centre is offering a new M.Tech program in Radio Frequency Design & Technology (RFDT) from July 2004. For details see RFDT. This program also encompasses sponsored postgraduate training programs in the areas of Microwaves / Millimeter Waves and Underwater Electronics / Signal Processing. CARE faculty also participates in the general UG/PG teaching programs in the Electrical Engineering department.

The Centre also participates in the inter-disciplinary M.Tech program called VLSI Design Tools & Technology (VDTT). This is a joint program of CARE, Computer Science and Engineering department and Electrical Engineering department.