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Microwave CAD Lab


This lab has high end Simulation facilities for RF omponents design. Various powerful simulation tools are available for graduate students and researchers. The software tools range between high performance RF structure simulators and Circuit simulators. The paper design is validated using the above tools prior to actual fabrication of the circuit.


  1. Agilent HFSS
  2. Agilent ADS (integrated with Momentum)
  3. AWR Micowave Office
  4. Ansoft HFSS, Ansoft Designer, Ansoft Serenade
  5. CST Microwave Studio
  6. Fidelity
  7. Flomerics MicroStripes
  8. IE3D
  9. IntelliCAD
  10. RTS Empire
  11. Sonnet
  12. XFDTD