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Microwave Measurement Lab


Post fabrication,characterization and measurement of the devices is carried out. This lab has state of the art facilities for measurement up to 110 GHz frequency. The devices made in house as well as fabricated by external fab-labs are tested here. For antenna measurement we also have anechoic chamber that provide complete isolation from external environmental radiation so that antennas can be accurately characterized. For dimensions in micron range we also have two probe stations (one up to 40 GHz and other up to 110 GHz). Time Domain measurement of RF component is in demand. The lab is equipped for time domain characterization of RF Components, active circuit, UWB components. MEMS component S parameter characterization can be done using probe station.


  1. Rohde & Schwartz vector network analyzer (upto 40GHz)
  2. Agilent vector network analyzers (upto 110 GHz)
  3. Agilent vector network analyzers (upto 40 GHz)
  4. Agilent Spectrum analyzer (upto 40GHz).
  5. Rohde & Schwartz Spectrum Analyzer (upto 3GHz)
  6. Power meters (upto 40 GHz).
  7. Microwave Signal Sources (upto 20 GHz)
  8. Probe station interfaced with automatic Network analyzer
  9. Antenna Measurement Setup anechoic chamber.
  10. Digital signal analyser( 25 GHz)