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Digital Signal Processing Application Lab

Location : III-220

Key Facilities/Equipment
  1. OMAP Evaluation Kit.
  2. Code Composer Studio (CCStudio) Integrated Development Environment (IDE) v5.
  3. Autodesk 3ds Software.
  4. COMSOL 4.0 Software.
Key work done in the Lab
  1. Active Sonar Classifier design and Implementation.
  2. Passive Inverse Synthetic Aperature and IF based source Imaging System.
  3. Development of Compact Sonar Signal Processor Based on OMAP L138.
  4. Echo Modeling and simulator development for Imaging Sonar.
  5. Simulation and optimization of plane waves using Near Field arbitrary placed sensor.
  6. Investigation of efficacy of underwater channel models for practical applications and their evaluation.
  7. Investigation of wireless sensor networks and implementation for sensor control and data transfer.