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DSP Applications Lab

The DSP Applications Lab consists of a Main Lab area and a contiguous Extension Lab area. The lab is used for following

    •RFDT M.Tech course laboratory for CRL702 – Architectures & Algorithms for DSP Systems, and for Minor and Major      Projects.

    •Computing facility for Master’s & PhD students in Signal Processing.

    •Analog and digital PCB design.

    •Analog & digital electronics hardware experiments & prototyping work.

    •Setup of prototype IoT system for audio applications.

    •Underwater acoustic experiments in miniature tank facility.


DSP Applications Lab


Miniature Underwater Tank Facility


Key Facilities/Equipment

•Miniature Glass Underwater Tank facility

•3D Printer

•NI Data Acquisition System

•PCB component population facility

•TI Fixed and Floating Point DSP Kits (C55, C64 and C67 series)

•Code Composer Studio software

•TMS320C5510 EVM Kit

•Raspberry Pi boards and daughter boards

•Multi-channel DAQ Boards

•PCB Design Software

•Low Power Microcontroller Kits

•FPGA Kit and Design Station

•Logic Analyzers, Function Generators, Signal Synthesizers, Digital Oscilloscopes,

•Workstations and Computer Servers,

•MEMS multi-sensor kits for IoT experiments.


Contact for DSP Applications Lab:

Lab Phone: +91-11-26596206
Location: Room 211-D, Block 3, CARE, IIT Delhi.

Lab Address:

DSP Applications Lab,
Centre for Applied Research in Electronics,
Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi,
Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110 016, INDIA


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