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Speech & Audio Processing Lab

Location: III-211E

Key Facilities/Equipment


  1. Cambridge Audio Amplifier.
  2. Cambridge Audio Compact Disc Player.
  3. Speech recording and playback setup.
  4. Cambridge Audio Upsampling DAC.
  5. M-AUDIO Mobile USB Audio/ MIDI. Interface with Preamps.
  6. DALI Speakers.
  7. M-AUDIO Speakers.
  8. SENNHEISER Microphones.
  9. Sony Mini Hi-Fi Component System.
  10. Behringer Pro MIC Preamplifier.
  11. Adobe Audition v1.5
  12. TEAC AG-790 AM/FM Stereo receiver/Amplifier.
Key Work Done in the Lab
  1. Instantaneous Frequency : Its Estimation and Application.
  2. Passive Acoustic Localisation using Blind Gauss-Markov Estimate.
  3. Objective Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality.
  4. Multilingual Keyword Spotting in Continous Speech.
  5. Blind Source Separation of Acoustic Signals.
  6. Voice Transformation using HMM models.
  7. HMM based Speech Synthesis.

For further information, contact Dr. Arun Kumar
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