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IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Socity IITDelhi Student Branch Chapter

About IEEE

IEEE is the world's largest professional association dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity.IEEE and it's members inspire a golbal community through IEEE's highly cited publications, conference, techonolgy standards, and professional and educational activities. weblink:http://www.ieee.org

About MTT

MTT-S is a techincal society comprised of more than 11,000 members worldwide. The core purpose of the socity is to foster the advancement and application of RF and microwave theory and techniques.
Members of MTT-S are engaged in research, devices, circuits, components, or systems.

Advisor:  Dr. Ananjan Basu   ananjan_b@yahoo.com

Office Bearer
Chairperson Deepika Sipal sipaldeepika@gmail.com
Vice Chairperson Ayushi Barthwal barthwal.ayushi1988@gmail.com
Secretary Pranav Kumar Shrivastava pranav.shantikunj@gmail.com
Treasurer Shakti Singh Chauhan shakti.uit@gmail.com


YEAR Activity TOPIC Speaker/Organisation No of participant


 Workshop    Workshop on High Frequency Structure Simulator (HFSS)  Mr. Kaviarasu K.
  Membership drive   IEEE Membership Drive during HFSS Workshop  IEEE MTT-S IITD SBC
  Administrative Meeting   IEEE MTTS IIT Delhi SBC Meeting  IEEE MTT-S IITD SBC
  Professional event   IEEE WIE Student Teacher and Research (STAR) Program  BEL Ghaziabad
 Membership drive   IEEE MTTS Booth on Open House day    2018 at IIT delhi for membership drive  IEEE MTT-S IITD SBC
 Lecture   An Overview of Research Activities in Wireless   Technologies at Westminster University  Prof. Duaradj Budimir


 Administrative Meeting   IEEE MTTS IIT Delhi SBC Administrative Meeting  IEEE MTT-S IIT D SBC
 Lecture   Current Research and development of Wireless Power   transfer via Radio waves and application   Prof. Naoki Shinohara
 Lecture   Electromagnetic Legos   Prof. Omar M. Ramahi
 Workshop   Workshop on CST   Mr. Kranti tantwai & Mr. Pankaj Jha
 Workshop   RFIC Design in   Advanced Design System(ADS)   Mr. Rupam Anad & Mr. Avinash Akotkar
 Membership drive   IEEE MTTS Booth on Open House   Day 2017 at IIT D for membership drive   IEEE MTT-S IIT D SBC


Upcoming Events

Lecture by industry experts on MEMS based RF design.
Guest lecture on contemporary issues in RF CMOS designs.


Email: ieeemtts.iitdsc@gmail.com
Phone:  91-11-25696210
Address:  III-319, CARE, IITD, Hauz khas, New Delhi-110016