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Prof. Suneet Tuli
Dr. Ananjan Basu


PhD Student Thesis Contact
NA S.S.Lokesh
Time reversal mirrors for underwater acoustic communications s_s_lokesh@yahoo.co.in
krishnedu Krishnedu chatterjee
Instrumentation in thermal non-destructive testing, embedded systems, image processing, finite element modelling and cluster computing,coding. +91-9868667896
MTech Student Thesis Contact
shree Shree Subhasish
Design and Development of RF Phase Shifters subhashish.707@gmail.com
sunil Sunil Prasad
MEMS Inductor and Application in Voltage Controlled Oscillator ietsunilprasad@gmail.com
srikant Srikant Mondal
Design and Deveolpment of RF Transmitter using Indigenenous MMIC Modules srikantmondal@gmail.com
vanparia Vanparia Kashyap Chandrakant
Movable MEMS for Microwave Application kashyap_gct@yahoo.co.in
shekhar Shekhar Nayak
Text-to-Speech Synthesis System for Indian Accent Languages shekharnayak@yahoo.com
harprit S.Harprit Singh
Micromachined Electromagnetic Band Gap(EBG) Structures for RF Application. harprit_iter@yahoo.co.in
robin Robin Gupta
Interated Low Noise Amplifier desgin on CMOS RFIC for WLAN/WiMAX robin_gpt@yahoo.com
amit Amit Jaiswal
Investigation of Wireless Sensor Networks for Control and Data Transfer amit_jaiswal1986@yahoo.co.in
anindya Anindya Gupta
Implementation of GMSK Modulation and LDPC Codes for VLF Communication anindya.gupta788@gmail.com
amit Amit Kumar
Design and Development of Uniplanar Circuits at Millimeter Wave Frequencies amit_keco8@yahoo.co.in
hemprasad Hemprasad Ghanta
Fractal Antennas ghanta.hem@gmail.com
NA Praveen Latwal
rakesh Rajesh Kumar Jain
Design and Development of RF Transceiver using Indigenous MMIC Modules lrde.rajesh@gmail.com
NA LTCDR Ankush Gupta
Reconfigurable antenna using electromagnetic band GAP structures
NA LTCDR Stepen P Ranjan
MultiBand filters using defected ground strutures stephenpranjan@gmail.com
gaurav Gaurav Mittal
Broadband Voltage Controlled Oscillator(VCO)Design gaurav_mittal_nitj@yahoo.co.in
vishal Vishal Kumar
NA Pramod Dhande
Frequency Reconfigurable Antenna pramod_bec@rediffmail.com
take Takeshore Khumanthem
NA Archana Ahirwar
Desgin & development of Microwave millimeter wave MEMS phase Shift ar.archana.ar@gmail.com
parthiban C.Parthiban
MEMS based Capacitive Pressure Sensor parthibaniaf@gmail.com