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Prof. Suneet Tuli


Dean (Research & Development)

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Suneet Tuli
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Prof. Suneet Tuli received his B.E.(Hons)degree in Electrical & Electronic Engg. from the Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani (1982) and M.Tech and Ph.D from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi in 1987 and 1995,respectively. He joined CARE as project scientist in 1984 and became a faculty member in 1986. He has been a major participant in setting up of a non-destructive thermal-acoustic-optical laboratory in particular and developing Surface Acoustic Wave CAD environment in general. He has been the recipient of a French Fellowship in 1987 and worked at the University of P.et. M. Curie, Paris on generation and detection of micro acoustic waves in solids.


ƒƒ Dean (R & D) (July 2012 – )
ƒƒ Dean (Industrial Research & Development) (Jan 2012 – June 2012)
ƒƒ Head, Centre for Applied Research in Electronics (Sep 2009 – March 2012)
ƒƒƒ Associate Dean (Industrial Research & Development) (Sep 2005 – Aug 2009)

International research

  • Visiting Researcher, University of Bath, UK
  • Visiting Researcher, University of Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France
  • French Research Fellowship, ESPCI, Paris, France


  • 2014- Editorial Board, Quantitative Infrared Technology Journal
  • 2012- Editorial Board, IETE Journal of Research
  • 2012, IIT Delhi Best Ph.D Award 2012 (Dr. K Chatterjee)
  • 2012, IIT Delhi Best B.Tech Project (Textiles) Award (Inayat & Nistha)
  • 2010, Best Paper Award, ISNT National Conference NDE 2010
  • 2005, IIT Delhi Best Ph.D Award 2005 (Dr. Perm Pal)
  • 2003, The 10th IETE Professor K. Sreenivasan Memorial Award for Distinguished Teaching
  • 2000, Best Paper Award, Indo-Japanese Workshop on Micro-System Technology, New Delhi
  • 1998, IIT Delhi Best B. Tech Project (EE) Award (Ankur & Arpita)
  • 1987, French Govt. Fellowship, University Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France

R & D Projects

International : 2 University of Bath, UK (2008-11),Univ. of Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France (1993 – 97)
National : 20 (value in excess of Rs. 12 Cr) (5 Technology/Know-how Transfers)
Consultancies : 8
Technology Transfers : 5 (ITI Bangalore, DRDO, GE Bangalore)

Theses Supervision

PhD Theses supervised : 8 (2 Best PhD Awards)
ƒPhD Theses in-progress : 3
ƒƒMTech Theses supervised : 32
ƒBTech Theses supervised : 36 (2 Best Project Awards)
ƒOthers : 11

Publications & Patents

ƒBook Chapter/Article : 1
ƒRefereed Journals : 65
ƒƒƒInternational Conferences : 37
National Conferences : 33
ƒInvited Talks : 20
Patents granted : 1
ƒPatents applied for : 2


ƒPhD, IIT Delhi (1995)
ƒM. Tech (Integrated Electronic Circuits), IIT Delhi (1986)
ƒB.E. (Hons) (Electrical & Electronics), BITS Pilani (1982)


ƒƒ Professor (Oct 2006 – )
ƒƒ Associate Professor (July 2002 – Oct 2006)
ƒƒ Assistant Professor (May 1996 – July 2002)
ƒƒ Senior Scientific Officer II (Oct 1986 – May 1996)

Research Interest

Thermal-Acoustic-Optical NDT, Thermography, Surface Acoustic Waves.

Contact Information

Email suneet@care.iitd.ac.in, deanird@admin.iitd.ac.in
Telephone O) +91-11-26591108 / 26591715
(R) +91-11-26591559 / 26565422
Facsimile +91-11-26581709
Address Centre for Applied Research in Electronics,
Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
Hauz Khas, New Delhi - 110 016, INDIA

International Collaboration

  • Title : Application Specific Thermal NDE
    Collaborator : University of Bath, UK
    Sponsor: U.K.IE.R.I., British Council Division
    Amount/Duration : Rs. 27.39 lakhs,3 Years (March. 2008 - )
    Faculty: Suneet Tuli
  • Title : Non-destructive Characterisation of Sub-surface Micro-structural Properties in Materials by Photo-acoustic microscopy
    Collaborator : Universite Pierre and Marie Curie, Paris, France
    Sponsor : Indo-French Centre for Promotion of Advanced Research
    Amount/Duration: Rs. 10.53 lakhs, 4 years (1993-1997)
    Faculty : A.B. Bhattacharyya, Suneet Tul

Interdisciplinary Projects

  • Title: Intelligent Processing of Advanced Polymeric Materials
    Sponsor: SERC, DST.
    Amount/Duration: Rs. 120 Lakhs, 3 years (March 2006-2009)
    Faculty: Anup Ghosh(PI) (CPSE),Naresh Bhatnagar (ME),Mangla Joshi (TEXT. TECH.), Suneet Tuli (CARE).

  • Title: Development of materials and techniques for Electromagnetic shielding in apparels.
    Sponsor : SERC, DST
    Amount/Duration: Rs. 31.78 lakhs, 3 years (Submitted July 05, under consideration)
    Faculty: Apurba Das (PI) (TEXT), V. K. Kothari (TEXT), SuneTuli (CARE).

Sponsored Research &Development Project (as Principal/Major Investigator)

  • Title: Design and Development of a Multi-technique Thermal System Including Signal Processing Modules for Non-Destructive defect localization
    Sponsor: Naval Research Board (NRB),
    Amount/Duration : Rs. 43.12 lakhs,3 years (Apr. 2007 -)
    Faculty: Suneet Tuli

  • Title: Heating and Synchronized Measurement techniques for Infrared Thermography applied to NDE of Honeycomb-Composite Spacecraft Components.
    Sponsor: ISAC, Bangalore (ISRO)
    Amount/Duration : Rs. 8.70 lakhs, 2 years (Feb 2007-Feb 2009 )
    Faculty: Suneet Tuli

  • Title: Novel Studies on Propagation and Signal Processing of Thermal Waves for defect localization with applications to Non-destructive Characterization.
    Sponsor: Naval Research Board (NRB),
    Amount/Duration : Rs. 47.38 lakhs (Feb. 2003-Dec. 2006)
    Faculty: Suneet Tuli (PI), G.Bose and Arun Kumar

  • Title: Avian Auditory Perception of Microwaves-Phase I
    Sponsor :Aeronautics Research & Development Board
    Amount/Duration: Rs. 5.3 lakhs, 2 years (1999-2001)
    Faculty: Suneet Tuli (PI), Ananjan Basu

  • Title: Synchronous Thermal Wave Infra-Red Imaging for Surface and Sub Surface Non-Destructive Characterization
    Sponsor: Directorate of Training & Sponsored Research
    Amount/Duration: Rs. 18.00 lakhs, 3 years (1998-2001)
    Faculty: Suneet Tuli

R&D Project (as co-principal investigator)

  • Title: Network Energy Scavenging in Wireless AdHoc Sensor Networks
    Sponsor: Department of Science and Technology (DST)
    Amount/Duration: Rs. 50.68 lakhs, 3 years (Jul. 2009- )
    Faculty: Shouribrata Chatterjee (PI), Suneet Tuli, Swades Kumar

  • Title: RF, Microwave and Millimeter Wave MEMS characterization
    Sponsor>: Aeronautical Development Agency
    Amount/Duration : Rs. 495.10 lakhs, 4 years (Mar. 2009 - )
    Faculty: S.K. Koul (PI), Suneet Tuli, S.Chandra, Mahesh P. Abegaonkar, Ananjan Basu

  • Title: Development of Magnetic Materials for high-Permeability GHz Frequency Inductors
    Sponsor: Ministry of Communication and Information Technology
    Amount/Duration: Rs. 189.60 lakhs, 3 years (May 2008 - )
    Faculty: Manish Sharma (PI), Suneet Tuli, S.Chandra

  • Title: Development of Biosensor and Micro-Techniques for analysis of Pesticide Residues, Aflatoxin, heavy Metals and Bacterial Contamination in Milk
    Sponsor: Indian Council of Agriculture Research (ICAR)
    Amount/Duration : Rs. 68.83 lakhs, 5 years (Apr. 2008-)
    Faculty: S.Chandra (PI), Suneet Tuli, S.K. Kaul, G.Bose

  • Title: Design & Development of Prototype Micro-Fluidic MEMS
    Sponsor: Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC)
    Amount/Duration : Rs. 46.00 lakhs, 2 years (Apr. 2007 - )
    Faculty: S. Chandra (PI), A.L. Vyas, K.Thyagarajan, G.Bose, Ratan Mohan, PMV Subbarao, A.K. Darpe, Suneet Tuli

  • Title : Intelligent Processing of Advanced Polymeric Materials
    Sponsor: Department of Science & Technology
    Amount/Duration: Rs. 130.74, 3 years (March. 2006-)
    Faculty: A.K. Ghosh (PI), A.K. Gupta, Suneet Tuli

  • Title: Development of MEMS based Micro-Switch.
    Sponsor: Board for Smart Material Research and Technology (B-SMART)
    Amount/Duration : Rs. 14.95 lakhs, 2 years (2001-2003)
    Faculty: S. Chandra (PI), G. Bose, Suneet Tuli.

  • Title: Relays for Launch Vehicle Using Silico Micromachining Technology Phase III
    Sponsor: Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre
    Amount/Duration : Rs. 2.00 lakhs, 1 year (2000)
    Faculty: S. Chandra (PI), G. Bose, Suneet Tuli

  • Title: Design and Development of Micropower Analog Integrated Circuits
    Sponsor: Department of Electronics
    Amount/Duration : Rs. 34.5 lakhs, 4 years (1994-1998)
    Faculty: A.B. Bhattacharyya (PI), R. Bahl, Suneet Tuli S.K Guha,

  • Title : Modeling, Simulation Prototyping CAD Tool Development for Application Specific SAW Devices (ASSAD)
    Sponsor: Department of Electronics, Govt. of India
    Amount/Duration: Rs. 119.00 Lakhs 5 years (1989-1995)
    Faculty: A.B. Bhattacharyya (PI), B.S. Panwar, Suneet Tuli, G. Bose

  • Title: Development of Optical Probes for Excitation, Detection and Diagnostics of Surface Acoustic Wave Devices
    Sponsor: Department of Electronics, Govt. of India
    Amount/Duration : Rs. 50 lakhs, 4.5 years (1989-1993)
    Faculty: A.B. Bhattacharyya (PI), Suneet Tuli

  • Title: Micro-Surface Acoustic Wave Technology
    Sponsor: Department of Electronics, Govt. of India
    Amount/Duration : Rs. 65 lakhs, 5 years (1983-1988)
    Faculty: A.B. Bhattacharyya (PI), B. S. Panwar, G. Bose, Varun Jeoti, Suneet Tuli

Consulting assignments (as principal/major investigator)

Consultancy Projects

  • Title:Development and Characterization of Heat Source for Frequency Modulated Thermography
    Sponsor: Ministry of Defence Research and Development Organization, Advanced Systems Laboratory(ASL)
    Amount/Duration : Rs.10.00 lakhs, 10 Months(Oct. 2008 - July 09)
    Faculty:Suneet Tuli

  • Title:Condition Monitoring of Electronic Card Assemblies by Thermography
    Amount/Duration : Rs 1.76 lakhs, 0.5 years (March - Aug 2006)
    Faculty:Suneet Tuli

  • Title:Feasibility study on Measures to Avoid/reduce Birdhits in Air
    Sponsor: Aeronautics Research & Development Board
    Amount/Duration : Rs.0.5lakhs,6 months(1997)
    Faculty: Suneet Tuli

Consulting assignments (as co-principal investigator)

  • Title: Characterisation and Optimisation of Solar Cell Fabrication Process
    Sponsor: BHEL Gurgaon
    Amount/Duration : Rs. 12 lakhs, 1.5 years(2006-07)
    Faculty:S. Chandra (CI), G.Bose and Suneet Tuli

  • Title: NTPC R&D:Future Strategies
    Sponsor: NTPC, PMI
    Amount/Duration :Rs.6 lakhs, 1 year(April 2003-04)
    Faculty: R. Balasubramaniam (CI)(CES), PMV Subbarao (ME), R. K. Pandey (ITMMEC), A. Ramnan(Chem),Suneet Tuli(CARE)

  • Title: Feasibility for Design,Fabrication and Testing of SAW Pulse Expander and Compression Filters
    Sponsor: Space Applications Centre, Ahmedabad
    Amount/Duration : Rs. 2.00 lakhs, 5years(1991-97)
    Faculty : A.B. Bhattacharyya(CI), S. Tuli , B.S. Panwar

  • Title: The Development of SAW Expander,Compressor Sub-system
    Sponsor:LRDE, Bangalore
    Amount/Duration : Rs. 32.00 lakhs, 6years (1990-96)
    Faculty: A.B. Bhattacharyya(CI), B.S. Panwar, S. Tuli, G. Bose


M.Tech Theses

  1. Dharmveer Singh,"Theory, Modeling, Simulation and Mathematical analysis of Frequency Modulated Thermal Wave Imaging, National Institute of Technology,Tiruchirappalli, 2009"(External).

  2. Vijay Edwin Durai Raj,Infra-Red Thermography applied to NDE of Metal and Composite Structures, National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli,2008(External).

  3. Binoy Jose, Void Fraction Measurement Sensor for Thermal Power Plant Boiler Applications, 2008.

  4. Sanjay Awasthi,Estimation of Boiler Tube Deposition by Active Thermography,2007.

  5. U.S.Verma, Non-contact Boiler Tube Thickness Assessment, 2006.

  6. B.R.Rajesh, Neural Network as replacement for Unit Control Board Operator in Power Plant, co-supervised with Dr. I.N.Kar,2006.

  7. Ravi Shankar,"Condition Monitoring of bearings using sonic and ultrasonic measurements ",co-supervised with P. Bhartiya, A. K. Mittal and V.Prakash, 2004.

  8. Jatinder S Chandok,"On-line estimation of furnace exit gas (FEGT) temperature using neural network",co-supervised with Dr. I.N. Kar, 2004.

  9. P.S.Chowdhry,Study and development of fuzzy based expert system for soot blowing optimization in a large coal fired furnace, co-supervised with Dr. PMV Subbarao, 2004.

  10. A.K.Panda,"Condition Monitoring of Bearings in Power Plants",co-supervised with P.Bhartiya and A. K. Mittal,2002.

  11. B.L.Swamy, Condition Monitoring of UPS Battery Bank in Power Plant,co-supervised with P. Bhartiyaand V. Prakash, 2002.

  12. Amitavo R. Gupta, Detection and Estimation of Leakage in Control Valves,co-supervised with P. Bhartiya and A.K.Mittal,2001.

  13. Meesala Murali Mohan, Diaphragm Vibration Characterisation by Talbot Interferometry, Co-supervised with Dr. joby Joseph,2001.

  14. Saroj K Rathore,Formation and Characterisation of Porous Silicon for MEMS Application, co-supervised with Dr. A. K. Shukla, 2000.

  15. Prashant K Chauhan,Laser Probe for Low Amplitude Low Frequency Vibration Measurement for MEMS, co-supervised with Prof. S. Chopra, 2000.

  16. Vikas Mishra,On-line Measurement of Sewing Parameters to Investigate Sewing Dynamics at Fabric-Sewing Machine Interface, co-supervised with Dr. B.K.Behera, 2000.

  17. Bharat Bhushan Sachdev, "Condition Monitoring of Induction Motors",co- supervised with Prof. S.S.Murthy,2000.

  18. Atul Kumar,Semi-Automated Ultrasonic Non-destructive Characterisation, co-supervised with Dr.A.L.Vyas,2000.

  19. Charanjeet Singh, Condition Monitoring of Induction Motors, co-supervised with Prof. S.S.Murthy,1999.

  20. Alok Shrivastava, Applications of Passive and Active Thermography in Power Plants, 1999.

  21. Samarendra Kumar Mohanty, "IR thermal wave non-destructive testing", co-supervised with Prof. B.P.Pal, 1997.

  22. Gauri Srivastava, "Study of elastic waves generated in diodes using a hetrodyne laser probe", co-supervised with Prof. S.Chopra,1996.

  23. Ashutosh Kumar, "Computer Aided Design and simulation of application specific SAW devices",co-supervised with Prof. A.B. Bhattacharyya, 1995.

  24. Rajeev Kumar Badal, "Application specific CAD tool development for surface acousticwave devices",co-supervised with Prof. A.B. Bhattacharyya, 1993.

B.Tech. Theses

  1. Manan Mehta, "Fabrication and application of In2O3 Nano-structures for sensor applications ", Maharaja Agarsen Institute of Technology (MAIT), IP University, Delhi,co-supervised with Dr. J.P. Singh Dept. of Physics, IIT Delhi and Dr. Rajveer Mittal MAIT, IP University, 2009 (External).

  2. Daljeet Kaur Grewal and Sarabjeet Singh, Study of Microcap 9 Circuit Simulation,D.B.E.C.,Mandi Gobindgarh, Punjab, 2009 (External).

  3. Ankur Kahre and Brijesh Kumar,Preparation and Characterization of Nitride and Oxide Semiconductor Quantum Structures, co-supervised with Prof. B.R. Mehta,2007.

  4. Saurabh Shrivastava and Vikas Verma,Design and fabrication of Accelerometer Sensor, co-supervised with Prof. Sudhir Chandra, 2003.

  5. Prashant Mangath Sarwade and Sami Alam, Design and Fabrication of a MEMs Based Vibration Sensor, co-supervised with Prof. Sudhir Chandra, 2003.

  6. Manoj Kumar and Deepak Gupta,Data Fusion Methods for Non-destructive Characterisation,co-supervised with Prof. R. Bahl, 2002.

  7. Karan Paul and Jai Prakash Sisodia, Automated Thermal Measurement by Mirage Cell, 2002.

  8. Kaushal Choudhary,Image Analysis for Non-destructive Evaluation of Metals using Pulsed Phase Thermography, 2002.

  9. Suchitra Chaudhuri and Tulika Raj,Image Processing for Thermal Non-destructive Evaluation,2002.

  10. Anil Kumar and Rajendra Prasad,Non-Destructive Ultrasonic Characterisation,2001.

  11. Nitin Suri,Non-Destructive Evaluation of Metals using Pulsed Phase Thermography,2001.

  12. Prashant Pant and Vishal Jain " Modelling and SPICE simulation of surface acoustic wave interdigital transducers", 2000.

  13. Ranjith Nair and Shwetank Kumar, " Thermo-Acoustic non-contact non-destructive characterisation ", co-supervised with Prof. G. S. Viswesaran,2000.

  14. Vibhor Shukla,"Imaging system for pulse phase thermography",2000.

  15. Aditya Kumar Iyer and Aman Kesharwani,"Development of software for NDE using lock in thermography",2000.

  16. Harpreet Singh Bhullar and Sumit Sharma, "Generation and Modulation of Microwaves using Adaptively Filtered Avian Calls ", 2000.

  17. Puneet Kumar, "Fabrication and characterisation of micro-machined silicon air coupled capacitive transducer", co-supervised with Dr. G. Bose, 1999.

  18. Neeraj Parik and Vivek Mittal "Automated characterisation", 1999.

  19. Hemant Kumar, "Thermal wave imaging for contactless subsurface nondestructive characterisation ",1999.

  20. Ankur Gupta and Arpita Moghe," Application of mirage cell for non-contact thermal mapping of micro-electronic structures",1998.

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  23. Mohit Mohan and Prashant Pant, "Fractal image coding and its application", co-supervised with Prof. S.D. Joshi ,1998.

MCA/M.SC. External

  1. Ajit Kumar Pal,Non-destructive Material Characterisation by Ultrasound, MCA,Indira Gandhi Institute of Technology, Utkal University, 2001.

  2. Jyotsna Munshi,Dispersive Reflective Dot Array Surface Acoustic Wave Filters, M.Sc (Electronics), Barkatullah University, Bhopal, 1997

Summer Undergraduate Research Award (SURA) Projects

  1. Akash Kumar and Supran Goel,Study and Characterization of Acoustic Waves in Rail Tracks Towards Anti-collision Devices, Co-facilitated with Prof. S. Kapuria, 2007.

  2. Kushal Gupta and Abhshek Rohatgi,Over Speeding, Theft, Violation of Traffic Signal and Pollution Detecting and Transmitting Device in Automobiles,Co-facilitated with Dr. Brajesh Lall, 2007.


PhD. Theses 6(Completed - 4,In Progress - 2)

  1. Prem Pal, "Some novel processes and techniques for MEMS design, fabrication and characterisation, co-supervised with Dr. Sudhir Chandra, 2004.

  2. Krishnendu Chatterjee,system for thermal non-destructive evaluation,registered, 2005.

  3. Rajesh Gupta, "An electro-thermal approach to active thermography", 2006.

  4. Jyoti Prakash Kar,Growth and characterization of AlN films for electroacoustic and MEMS applications, co-supervised with Dr. G. Bose, 2006.

  5. Smita Chug(nee Gupta), "Strategizing an eco friendly rural housing alternative using bamboo parabolic infill arches as load bearing elements, co-supervised with Dr. P. Sudhakar, registered 2007.

  6. Ravi Babu M,Propagation and processing of thermal waves for non destructive characterization, 2007.



  1. Suneet Tuli and Ravibabu M, "A System and Method for thermal Non-Destructive Characterisation in Solids and Composites", Patent Application No:3378/Del/05 dt. 15/12/05.

  2. Prem Pal, Sudhir Chandra, Suneet Tuli, Recessed Microstructure Device and Method of Fabrication There of,Patent Application No.:39/DEL/2003dt. 13/1/2003.

  3. A.B.Bhattacharyya and Suneet Tuli "An Automated Thermo and Acoustic Optic Instrument for the Characterisation of Exchanged/Diffused/Implanted Acoustic-optic material", provisional Patent No.138/DE 493 dt: 16/2/93.

Technology Development

Know-How/Technology Transferred

  1. One Frequency modulated thermal wave imaging system (heating system along with hardware and software), transferred on purchase to Advanced Systems Laboratory, Hyderabad(2008-09); Suneet Tuli.

  2. Two design, simulation and layout software packages,named MECSIM and MASKSAW, transferred on purchase to ITI Bangalore (1994-95);A.B.Bhattacharyya and Suneet Tuli.

  3. Microelectronics Educational Kits(set of 10 experiments),Technology transferred to M/s. ROMTEK, New Delhi(1995-96);G.Bose,A.B Bhattacharyya and Suneet Tuli.

  4. Software for the design and simulation and layout of a Reflective Dot Array SAW Filter, transferred to Space Applications Centre, Ahmedabad(97-98);Suneet Tuli and A.B.Bhattacharyya.


  • Pyroelectric Devices, Suneet Tuli, Wiley Encyclopedia of Electrical & Electronics EngineeringOnline,John Wiley & Sons,2000.


    Refereed  Journals - (44)


    1.               Priyanka Tyagi, Ritu Srivastava, Arunandan Kumar, Suneet Tuli, M.N. Kamalasanan, Study of shifting of recombination zone in multi-emissive layer organic light emitting devices and its effect  on color stability, Journal of Luminescence, 136 (2013), 249–254.


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