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M.Tech 2016 Entry Students

Two Year Program

Name, Specialization & Entry No



NA Rajiv Ranjan (MW) (2016CRF2852) rajiv17ranjan@gmail.com Design of Dielectric based Metamaterial in Millimeter wave Frequency
NA Mohit Khajuria (SP) (2016CRF2853) mohitkhajuria40@gmail.com Signal Processing in Virtual Reality Applications
NA Abhishek Chauhan (SP) (2016CRF2854) abchauhan011@gmail.com High Resolution Range Doppler Imaging
NA Aayush Saxena (SP) (2016CRF2855) aayushgate@gmail.com Working on Diabetic Retinopathy Detection(Image Classification) Using Deep Learning /Convolutional Neural Networks
NA Ajay Vikram Singh (SP) (2016CRF2858) ajay.ashish02@gmail.com Adaptive Noise Suppression Algorithm Using Digital Microphones
NA Vishal (SP) (2016CRF2859) vishalkumarbhutoni16@gmail.com Deep Learning Architecture for Motion Activity Classification Using MEMS Sensors and Spatial Environment Classification Using Audio Signal
NA Radhika Navnath More (ME) (2016CRF2856) morern59@gmail.com On-chip Coplanar Waveguide for Silicon based RFIC
NA Deepak Sharma (ME) (2016CRF2860) deep050692@gmail.com IoT based Low Cost High performance Smart Sensor Network for "Precision Agriculture" and "Air Quality Monitoring System"
NA Saket Saurabh (ME) (2016CRF2861) srv.saket@gmail.com MEMS Cantilever Switch for RF Applications
NA Ankit Singh (ME) (2016CRF2864) ankitsingh2212@gmail.com High Performance Silicon Nanowire Junctionless Phototransistor for CMOS Optoelectronics
NA Sahil Soneja (ME) (2016CRF2923) sahilhsoneja@gmail.com Fabrication and Measurement of Field effect Transistor (FET) based Gas Sensors

SP- Signal Processing

MW- Microwave

ME- Microelectronics