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PhD Scholars

Name Research Area Contact
Zamir Ahmad Wani Zamir Ahmad Wani (MW) (Full Time)
(2015CRZ8437 )
Millimeter Wave MIMO Antenna, Supervisor: Dr. Mahesh P. Abegaonkar and Prof. S.K. Koul zamir.wani@care.iitd.ac.in
Sriparna De Sriparna De (MW) (Full Time)
(2016CRZ8012 )
SIW Circuits, Supervisor: Prof. S.K. Koul and Dr. Kamal K. Samanta (Sony Europe) de.thesriparna@gmail.com
Karthikeya G S Karthikeya G S (MW) (Full Time)
(2016CRZ8562 )
mmWave Antennas for 5G mobile Terminals and base stations karthikeya@care.iitd.ac.in
 R. Jyothi (SP) (Full Time)
(2016CRZ8565 )
Algorithms for problems in signal processing Jyothi.R@care.iitd.ac.in
Bipin Kumar Bipin Kumar (SP) (Full Time)
(2014CRZ8292 )
Underwater Acoustic Vector Sensor bipinpatel.ece@gmail.com
Umesh Umesh (SP) (Full Time)
(2017CRZ8638 )
Sensor Array Signal Processing umeshatcareiitd@gmail.com
Priyansha Kaurav Priyansha Kaurav (MW) (Full Time)
(2018CRZ8292 )
Biomedical Applications of Terahertz, Supervisor: Prof. S.K. Koul and Prof. Ananjan Basu priyanshakaurav9@gmail.com
Surya Prakash Sankuru Surya Prakash Sankuru (SP) (Full Time)
(2016CRZ8571 )
3D Sonar Imaging, Supervisor: Dr. Prabhu Babu and Prof. Arun Kumar crz168571@care.iitd.ac.in
Gunjan Matta Gunjan Matta (SP) (Full Time)
(2017CRZ8064 )
Underwater Visible Light Communication gunjan402@gmail.com
Kamini Upadhyay Kamini Upadhyay (SP) (Full Time)
(2016CRZ8013 )
Medical Image Analysis, Supervisor: Dr. Monika Aggarwal and Prof. Praveen Vashisht (AIIMS) kamini upp@yahoo.co.in
 Ikram Haider (MW) (Full Time)
(2018CRZ8299 )
Supervisor: Prof. S.K. Koul and Prof. Ananjan Basu +91-9846053734, cds13m003@iiitdm.ac.in
Nidhi Bisla Nidhi Bisla (SP) (Full Time)
(2017CRZ8637 )
Underwater Acoustic 3-D Imaging crz178637@care.iitd.ac.in
Deepali Singh Deepali Singh (SP) (Full Time)
(2018CRZ8300 )
Signal Processing Algorithms for Multi-Sensor Data fusion for mobile & IoT Applications Deepali.Singh@care.iitd.ac.in
Ashish Jindal Ashish Jindal (MW) (Full Time)
(2017CRZ8641 )
Broadband & Efficient Power Amplifier +91-8076831127, crz178641@care.iitd.ac.in
Saurabh Saurabh Pegwal (MW) (Full Time)
(2011CRZ8014 )
Novel Planar Balun for Active Circuits and Antenna +91981136104, saurabhpegwalsss@gmail.com
Ankita Ankita Katyal (MW) (Full Time)
Reconfigurable antenna for microwave imaging +919871241866, bsz118074@dbstiits.ac.in, ankitakec52224@gmail.com
Mohd Wajid Mohd Wajid (SP) (Part Time)
Acoustic signal processing for detection and localization of objects and events 09218529591, 08745030611, wajidiitd@gmail.com ,crz118350@care.iitd.ac.in
Ghanapriya Ghanapriya Singh (SP) (Part Time)
Probabilistic framework for context awareness using multi-sensor data fusion 9456370125, crz138459@care.iitd.ac.in, ghanapriya.nit@gmail.com
Saurabh Rajesh Kumar Singh (MW) (Full Time)
Reconfigurable Printed Antennas 07503445272, rajeshsingh.iitd@gmail.com
Saurabh Robin Kalyan (MW) (Full Time)
Reconfigurable Multi-band Doherty Power Amplifiers +917840042828, kalyan1689@gmail.com
Anushruti Jaiswal Anushruti Jaiswal (MW) (Full Time)
V- Band Antenna Array +917838338085, anushruti88jaiswal@gmail.com
Deepika Sipal Deepika Sipal (MW) (Full Time)
Antenna Design for MIMO System +917503877005, sipaldeepika@gmail.com
Ayushi Barthwal Ayushi Barthwal (MW) (Full Time)
Bandwidth and Dynamic Range Extension of Load Modulation in Doherty PA Architecture +919582432907, barthwal.ayushi1988@gmail.com
Bipin Kumar Patel Bipin Kumar Patel (SP) (Full Time)
Design and Implementation of prototype Acoustic Vector Sensor for Estimation of Direction of Arrival of Acoustic Signal 08285463040, bipinpatel.ece@gmail.com
Arun Goel Arun Goel (SP) (Full Time)
Study of Spatial Sampling Reduction methods of Acoustic Imaging 09999829351, enggarungoel@gmail.com
Amit Kumar Amit Kumar (MW) (Full Time)
Metamaterial +918010428774, amit.Kumar.phd@ieee.org ,amit2k11moc01@gmail.com
Shakti Singh Shakti Singh Chauhan (MW) (Full Time)
Millimeter wave data links +919711126890, shakti.uit@gmail.com
Harikesh Harikesh (MW) (Full Time)
Bio Radar +918510007178, harikeshdalal2008@gmail.com
Saurabh Pranav Kumar Shrivastava (MW) (Full Time)
( 2014CRZ8294)
RF MEMS pranav.shantikunj@gmail.com
Rakhi Rakhi Kumari (MW) (Part Time)
GaN based Circuit Design +919971131640, choudharyrakhi56@gmail.com
Priyanka Priyanka Dwivedi (ME) (Full Time)
MEMS Integrated Semiconductor Nanostructure for Sensing Application pdpriyankadwivedi@gmail.com
Veerendra Veerendra Dhyani (ME) (Full Time)
Silicon Based Photodetector vd26938@gmail.com
Payal Payal (SP) (Full Time)
sensor array signal processing 09540992328, erpayal2010@gmail.com
Manish Manish Jain (SP) (Part Time)
Acoustic Signal Processing +91-8588847754, manishkasansar@yahoo.com
Nitesh Nitesh Sahu (SP) (Full Time)
Navigation System +919770598520, +917839001217, niteshiitbhu@gmail.com
Baiju Baiju M Nair (SP) (Part Time)
Array Signal Processing +91-9447154804, baijumnair@gmail.com
Akshay Akshay Moudgil (ME) (Full Time)
FET based Sensor +919812377868,akshaymoudgil@gmail.com
Wasi Wasi Uddin (ME) (Full Time)
Group IV based quantum electron devices 9920645686,wasi.uddin7@gmail.com
Vaibhav Vaibhav Rana (ME) (Full Time)
( 2016CRZ8561)
Piezoresistive based MEMS/NEMS Sensors +91 7011290193, vaibhavrana02@gmail.com
Kapil Kapil Dev Tyagi (SP) (Part Time)
Acoustic reflectrometery and signal processing algorithms +91 9350091738, kapiltyagiiitd@gmail.com
Dhairya Dhairya Singh Arya (ME) (Full Time)
MEMS based Non volatile Memory for Harsh Environment Data Storage +919466555222, dhairya@care.iitd.ac.in
Dhairya Sushil Kumar,(ME)(Full Time)
Energy-efficient MEMS Switching Device For Rad Hard Applications +91-8109143794,sushil.kumar@care.iitd.ac.in
Akhil Akhil Ramesh (ME) (Full Time)
( 2017CRZ8066)
MTJ (Magnetic Tunnel Junction) based MEMS Sensor +917012162615, akhil.k.ramesh@gmail.com
Pragyey Pragyey Kumar Kaushik (ME) (Full Time)
( 2016CRZ8564)
Design and modeling of GaN based HEMT (High Electron Mobility Transistor) +91 9918817833, pragyeykumarkaushik@gmail.com
John John Wellington J (ME) (Full Time)
( 2017CRZ8639)
Development and Study of Infrared Photodetectors +91 9918817833, johnwellingtonj@gmail.com
Alka Alka Jakhar (ME) (Full Time)
( 2017CRZ8067)
THz photodetectors +91 8005528068, alkajakhar1991@gmail.com

SP- Signal Processing, MW- Microwave, ME- Microelectronics