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PhD Scholars

Name Research Area Contact
NA Hemlata Choudhary
Passive Acoustic Localization hchoudhary29@gmail.com
sachin Sachin Pathak
Magnetic Nanomaterial for GHz frequency Devices. sachinpathak2008@gmail.com
NA Rinki Gupta
Time-frequency analysis and estimation of instantaneous frequency with applications in acoustic signal processing. rgupta_k5@rediffmail.com
neetu Neetu Agarwal
Electron Transport properties of Graphene neetu2803@gmail.com
ruchi Ruchi Tiwari
Preparation, Characterization and Application of Polysilicon and Dielectric Thin Films by RF Sputtering for MEMS. ruchi.tiwari10@gmail.com
ritabrata Ritabrata Bhattacharya
CMOS RF Integrated Circuits with an emphasis on Power Amplifiers. crz098042@care.iitd.ac.in
Lalat Lalat Indu Giri
Thermoelectric Effect in Bismuth Telluride Nawires lalat-cr@student.iitd.ac.in
pradeep Pradeep Kumar Rathore
Design and development of Microcantilever based Tilt sensor rpradeep.tu@gmail.com
lalit Lalithendra Kurra
Reconfigurable and Tunable Electromagnetic Band Gap Structure lkurra@gmail.com
anima Anima Johari
Growth and study of Oxide Nanowires animajohari@gmail.com
monika Monika Sharma
High Frequency Microwave Devices of Nastructured ferromagnetic Materials monikasharma1604@gmail.com
uday Uday Dadwal
Lon-cut process and wafer bonding 2659-6658/6212
sharbari Sharbari Banerjee
MIMO Communications +91-9490956699
sukomal Sukomal Dey
RF MEMS with an emphasis on Phase-Shifters. sdey28@yahoo.com
NA Sanjeev Kumar
reasearch area sanjumicro@gmail.com
NA Abhimanyu Popli
reasearch area
NA Akula Rajani
reasearch area
NA Srujana Kagita
Ferrite based LTCC circuits. mymail.srujana@gmail.com
NA Kulbhushan Porwal
reasearch area Email-id
NA Priyanka Tyagi
reasearch area Email-id
Saurabh Saurabh Pegwal
Wide-Band Baluns saurabhpegwalsss@gmail.com
Ankita Ankita Katiyal
Microwave Imaging using Distributed Sensors. bsz118074@dbstiits.ac.in