Rigorous selection procedure Students are shortlisted on the basis of scores obtained in GATE conducted by IITs and IISc and are interviewed subsequently by the centre's faculty. The completion of above process lead to a miscellany of handpicked talent, that is groomed at the institute in the due course of the programme.


The Centre for Applied Research in Electronics has been involved in active research since 1971 in three main areas namely Microwave, Microelectronics and Signal Processing. The Centre is one of the few in India to be involved in such a wide range of research besides focussing on application-oriented projects. Through its continuous research and rigorous projects, it has transformed itself into one of the mainstays of research for various industries and R&D organizations. The Centre research activities are consistently enhanced by its excellent faculty. Since 1982, over 30 technology transfers have taken place from the Centre which underscores the importance of the center at the national level.


To support the multifacetedness, the Centre boasts of state of the art facilities like RF components fabrication and testing facilities, underwater test facility, DSP platforms, speech and audio processing facilities, non-destructive characterization of systems apart form high end industry standard softwares.

Key Differentiator

A multidisciplinary masters program in Radio Frequency Design & Technology is offered by Centre for Applied Research in Electronics. The program provides specialization in Microwave/Microelectronics/ Signal Processing. This course is unique in India imparting hands-on training focusing on hardware in a wide range of topics like digital signal processors and applications, speech processing, wireless and underwater communications, antenna design, active and passive circuit design at microwave and millimeter wave frequencies, fabrication of solid state devices, MEMS based sensors and actuators, RF MEMS etc. The projects done by the students are hardware intensive. Frequently, the projects are part of deliverable products for sponsoring agencies.