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MTech 2015 Students

Name Research Area Contact
NA Abhinit Kumar (ME) (2015CRF2211) abhinitkumar92@gmail.com Fabrication of silicon Nano crystal in SiO2 matrix and its application in photonic devices
NA Akshay Potuwar (ME) (2015CRF2749) akshay.potuwar@gmail.com Fabrication and Characterization of High-K dielectric MOSFET
NA Ankita Rani (ME) (2015CRF2212) ankita111092@gmail.com Parameter Extraction and Reliability Studies of MOS Capacitor
NA Kanhaiya Lal Akodiya (ME) (2015CRF2215) kanhaiyalalakodiya@gmail.com SPUTTERING FROM BSG POWDER SOURCE AND ITS APPLICATION IN IC TECHNOLOGY
NA Kshitij Saxena (ME) (2015CRF2450) kshitijsaxena25@gmail.com CANTILEVER BEAM FABRICATION
NA Mohd.Saleem Pasha (ME) (2015CRF2217) saleemmohd67@gmail.com Ni-Ge Schottky diode for high speed applications
NA Saurabh Singh (ME) (2015CRF2221) great.saurabhsingh@gmail.com Study & Optimization of boron diffusion process for P-N Junction Diode