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Microwave Research Area

  • EBG Structures

  • Microwave planar antennas

  • Microwave active & passive circuits

  • Millimeter wave active & passive circuits using Finlines & SSL

  • MMIC design

  • Metamaterials & super conducting microwave circuits

  • RFIC

  • RFID systems


  • RF Power Amplifier Design for Software Defined Radio Applications

Ongoing Projects (M.Tech Final Year)

  • Design and Optimization of Multi-branch Doherty Power Amplifier.

  • Electromagnetic Band Gap structures for EMI/EMC Signal integrity.

  • Ultrathin and broadband electromagnetic absorbers using High Impedance Surface.

  • Inverted Doherty Amplifier with optimization based on phase offset lines.

  • RF MEMS Based Tunable Spurline Band Stop and Stub Line Band Pass Filter Design.

  • 60 GHz CMOS based Low Noise Amplifier.

  • Frequency Reconfigurable Active Antenna.

  • Design of dual band independently tunable High Impedance Surface.

  • Millimeter Wave Noise Figure Measurement Setup Design.

  • X band frequency synthesizer to generate 8-10GHz frequency range at a step of 10MHz when the input frequency is 10MHz.

  • Reentrant Coupler.

  • Polarization Reconfigurable Printed Array Antenna for C-Band Monopulse Comparator

  • Development of Long Range RFID tags and readers

  • Harmonic Terminated Power Amplifier

  • RF Proximity Sensor

  • Design and development of low Pass- High Pass Phase Shifter Bit for 800 MHz in MIC and MEMS.