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The microelectronics laboratory houses a comprehensive facility for the fabrication and testing of silicon microcircuits of small to medium complexity. The laboratory is structured for prototyping devices and circuits for concept validation.The present structure of the laboratory has evolved over the period .Housed in a moderate clean room environment, critical level of cleanness is ensured under modular laminar flow benches for maintaining class 100 condition. The main thrust has been the CMOS process technology. Test structures for process and device evaluation and circuits design have been prototyping on silicon-on-insulator (SOI) CMOS technology. The SOI substrates have been synthesized by developing small area SIMOX(Separation by implanted Oxygen) as well as by laser recrystallization of LPCVD polysilicon. Furthering the drive towards application oriented activity, the group has initiated a few sponsored R&D programmes on sensors and actuators using silicon micro machining techniques.
The other focused activity is on Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) devices for communication and strategic sectors. The SAW activity is apart of national mission where the research and development activities have been framed keeping in view the national perception in the area. An international collaborative program on photo acoustic and photo thermal characterization researches into the area of non-destructive characterization of semiconductor and pyroelectric materials.

Two new areas have been launched namely micromachining of silicon for relays, pressure sensors and microphones and photonic technology for optoelectric components. Most of the technological and design vendors have been evolved with in-depth discussion and participation of users and manufacturing organization.

The group activity centres around and dedicated faculty, technical staff, doctoral candidates, UG and PG students and is based on shared commitments. The facility is used by faculty of various other sister departments in the Institute mostly for research & major projects