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The Microwave Group has been specializing in the following major R&D areas:

1. Microwave Integrated Circuits (MICs)

2. Millimeter-Wave Integrated Circuits (MMICs)

3. Ferrite Phase Shifters

Besides these, specific R&activities have also been executed in the area of antennas. In these areas, The Group has completed since 1980 ten sponsored R&D projects mostly from Defence with a funding of Rs. 2.58 crores, and fifteen consultancy projects from various industries and R&D organizations with a funding of Rs. 8.63 lakhs.

The Group has been successful in its goal of combining academic research with technology development. In academic research, major thrust has been towards the analysis of a variety of transmission lines and circuit elements, generation of design know-how and advanced circuit techniques which are if direct utility to the development of microwave and millimeter wave integrated circuits and components for radar systems. On the technological front, the accent has been on indigenous development through experimental research and interaction with industries and user agencies.

With the involvement in end-oriented major projects, the Group has established excellent laboratory infrastructure for the design, fabrication and testing of microwave and millimeter wave components. Some of the major facilities include, CAD workstations with Agilent HFSS, Agilent ADS, Flomerics MicroSripes, Ansoft HFSS, Ansoft Designer, Micowave Office, RTS Empire; RF sputtering system, computer-controlled coordinatograph, first reduction camera and photolithographic facility for MIC and MWIC fabrication; and Automatic Network Analyzers and Spectrum Analyzers for measurements upto 40GHz.