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Signal Processing

The signal processing faculty specializes in research and teaching in underwater signal processing and acoustics, and speech and auditory signal processing. A number of research and consultancy projects in these areas have also been supervised over the past several years. Some notable projects completed in the recent past include:

  • Passive sonar based detection, parameter estimation and classification of marine vessels.

  • Protocols and receiver structures for low probability of intercept secure underwater LAN links.

  • Design and implementation of low power acoustic signal processor module for remote manned/unmanned platoforms.

  • A 3D imaging SONAR for target identification.

  • Techniques for 3D visualization of imaging sonar data.

  • Simulation package for 3D imaging sonars.

  • Signal simulator for testing imaging sonars.

  • Design of efficient wideband speech encoding and decoding scheme at 16-32 kbps.

  • Algorithm design and DSP implementation of variable rate speech encoder and decoder at 3.0-4.0 kbps.

The group teaches specialized Master's level courses in Underwater Electronics and Sonar areas. Over 130 candidates have received specialized training in this area since its inception in 1977. The students are usually sponsored by user agencies for this unique program. The signal processing group endeavours to provide real-life problems as research theses to encourage technology development and generation of new application ideas. The group also participates in other teaching programs of the institute such as in VLSI Design, Tools and Technology (VDTT) and Communications