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Signal Processing Facilities

CARE has the following laboratories in the Signal Processing area:

1. Digital Signal Processing Laboratory (Room 220, Block III),

2. DSP Applications Laboratory (Room 211D, Block III),

3. Speech and Audio Processing Laboratory (Room 211E, Block III) and

4. Underwater Electronics Laboratory (Room 120, Block III).

Digital Signal Processing Laboratory and DSP Applications Laboratory

The Digital Signal Processing Lab and DSP Applications Lab have test and measurement equipment for doing advanced research and development work in analog and digital signal processing. The hardware and software facilities comprise of the following: Texas Instruments Fixed and Floating Point DSP Kits (C55 and C67 series), Code Composer Studio, TMS320C5510 EVM Kit, Multi-channel DAQ Boards, Low Power Microcontroller Kits, OrCAD PCB Design Software, Coware Signal Processing Design (SPD) Software, MATLAB, Built-in Self Test (BIST)Design Software for JTAG Compliant Devices, FPGA Design Station, PROM programmer, Logic Analyzers, Function Generators, Signal Synthesizers,Oscilloscopes, Workstations, Computer Server etc.

Speech and Audio Processing Laboratory

The laboratory was set up in 1998 to facilitate research in the diverse emerging areas related to man-to-man and man-machine communications.The laboratory is equipped with precision audio amplifier, digital I/O loudspeaker system. The low ambient noise environment of the laboratory facilitates subjective listening tests and other auditory perception experiments. The laboratory is also equipped with digital signal analysis and editing software.

Underwater Electronics Laboratory

The Underwater Electronics Lab is a unique facility for doing advanced research experiments on underwater acoustics, acoustic communications, and testing of underwater equipments such as sonar transducers, arrays etc. The lab houses a tank facility and has underwater projectors, hydrophones, power amplifiers, National Instruments multi-channel data acquisition systems, LabView software, waveform generators, oscilloscopes etc. to enable advanced research work.