Program Core Courses common for the 3 streams

CRD802 Minor Project
CRD811 Major Project-1
CRL702 Architectures and Algorithms for DSP Systems
CRL711 CAD of RF and Microwave Circuits
CRL724 RF and Microwave Measurements
CRP718 RF and Microwave Measurements Lab

Program Elective Courses for the 3 streams
Note: Segregation of Program electives done as per relevance to the streams. However all electives are available to be added across streams.


ELL734 MOS VLSI design
ELL735 Analog Integrated Circuits
CRL621 Fundamentals of Semiconductor Devices
CRL727 Introduction to Quantum Electron Devices


ELL712 Digital Communications
ELL725 Wireless Communications
ELL815 MIMO Wireless Communications
ELL833 CMOS RF IC Design
ELP725 Wireless Communication Laboratory
CRL611 Basics of RF and Microwaves
CRL706 Selected Topics in Radars and Sonars
CRL708 Sonar Systems Engineering
CRL712 RF and Microwave Active Circuits
CRL715 Radiating Systems for RF Communication
CRL722 RF and Microwave Solid State Devices
CRL725 Technology of RF and Microwave Solid State Devices
CRL726 RF MEMS Design and Technology
CRL729 Sensors and Transducers
CRP723 Fabrication Techniques for RF and Microwave Devices

Signal Processing

ELL711 Signal Theory
ELL718 Statistical Signal Processing
ELL719 Detection and Estimation Theory
ELL720 Advanced Digital Signal Processing
ELL784 Introduction to Machine Learning
CRL601 Basics of Statistical Signal Analysis
CRL704 Sensor Array Signal Processing
CRL707 Human & Machine Speech Communication