Signal Processing

  1. Voice Activity Detection and Speech Enhancement using Machine Learning Techniques
  2. Low Latency orientation estimation algorithms & measurement setup for VR Applications.
  3. Deep Learning Architecture and Algorithm for Audio Event and Spatial Environment Classification.
  4. Underwater communication systems under different noise conditions using neural network
  5. High Resolution Range Doppler Imaging For Radar & Sonar.
  6. Keyword spotting from speech using Neural Network on sensor edge
  7. Digital Image Processing: Noise estimation for RBG images


  1. Antenna design at 28GHz for 5G communication using MIMO Technology
  2. 28GHz CMOS front end circuit design (LNA and PA) for 5G applications.
  3. THz components – Low Pass filter, Metamaterials and imaging system.
  4. Design Considerations and Implementation of Passive PCB SIW structures like Filters,Couplers,Mixers,Phase Shifter & Diplexer in KA Band & V Band on Tachyon 100G and Megtron6.
  5. GaAs Based Load Modulated Balanced Power Amplifier @28GHz for 5G technology.
  6. Automotive Radar at 77 GHz.


  1. Physical Modelling and TCAD simulation of Coplanar waveguide
  2. Strain Induced Photoelectric effect of Nanowire FET